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Intro to Java Primitive Arrays

Dan Bunker - Jan. 17, 2018

  Arrays in Java   Primitive arrays are one of the core built in data types in Java. The array is one of the most basic data structures used in computer science. This codecast will cover what arrays are and how you can declare them in Java. Other ...

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Java String - Common Utilities

Dan Bunker - Dec. 16, 2017

  Java String Common Utility Methods   This codecast covers a few methods that can be used to help you with every day needs when using Strings. When you start to work with a String it's always a good idea to check if it's empty, trim it and then ...

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Java String - Replacement

Dan Bunker - Dec. 14, 2017

  Java String Replace Methods   Changing the content of a String is something that is often needed when working with Strings. The String class provides four methods that can help you replace content. They are: replace - single character replace - ...

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Java String - Looping Through String Characters

Dan Bunker - Oct. 27, 2017

  Looping Through the Characters   There are two basic ways you can loop through each character of a String. You can use the charAt(int index) method or the toCharArray() method. Inside the loop you can then process or work with the character in ...

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Java String - Changing Case

Dan Bunker - Oct. 19, 2017

  Java String toLowerCase() and toUpperCase()   When you need to compare two strings together it's often a good idea to convert each of the strings to either all upper case or all lower case so your test for equality can pass easier. The Java String ...

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Java String indexOf

Dan Bunker - Oct. 16, 2017

  Java String indexOf and lastIndexOf   Sometimes you need to figure out where certain substrings are in a larger string. You can use the String Class methods indexOf(String str) and lastIndexOf(String str) to search the string and return the ...

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Java String Length

Dan Bunker - Oct. 13, 2017

  String Length   If you are gong to be doing any kind of string parsing or manipulation, you'll often need to get the length of the string you are working with. This can be done by calling the length() method on the String class. This method is ...

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Java String Equals

Dan Bunker - Oct. 2, 2017

  String Equals When you need to compare two string together to see if they are equal or not, the Java String class provides a couple of methods that you will want to know. String equality can be case-sensitive or case-insensitive depending on your ...

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Java String Substring

Dan Bunker - Sep. 27, 2017

  Substring Taking a portion of a larger string is known as a substring. Substrings are often used when doing any kind of string manipulation. For example, maybe you've read in a file and are storing it's content as a string. If you needed to find ...

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Java String Conversions

Dan Bunker - Sep. 20, 2017

  String Conversion Methods You can convert other objects into a String data type by utilizing the valueOf() and toString() methods. The valueOf() method will convert the basic Java primitive data types into a string representation. This method is ...

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Java String Introduction

Dan Bunker - Sep. 19, 2017

  Java String Basics Strings are a must-know data type when working with any programming language. Java Strings inherit from the base Object class in Java and are immutable once they are instantiated. Strings are typically created using the double ...